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Welcome to My Blog! "Waking Up Gasping for Air & Heart's Racing.. doesn't happen to me anymore!"

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

MY STORY 1: Waking Up Suddenly Gasping for Air

I experienced waking up suddenly gasping for air so many times and it's such a frightening thing to go through. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone. I'm certain that, during these episodes, I was in a deep sleep; and then the next thing I knew... I was instantly awake (coughing and gasping for air) with NO oxygen in my lungs to breathe... to get precious air into my system.


1. Coughing

Each episode lasted a few minutes. as indicated by my wife. To honor my wife's viewpoint, I should also mention that my wife would also wake up suddenly, each time, due to my violent episodes of coughing while trying to get air into my lungs. I would disrupt my wife's REM sleep cycle which would cause her to become very exhausted during the next day. This is not fair to my wife.

After 7-10 minutes of deep breathing, coughing, drinking water and trying calm myself down so I can try to get back to sleep; I was so exhausted, and I needed to get back to sleep. My mind was still racing thinking... what caused me to wake up gasping for air. I had to figure this out.

In the morning, I would wake up exhausted; and it would take everything just to get out of bed and get ready to start my day.

Throughout the day, I couldn't concentrate on daily activities at work, and I would be so tired. Sometimes, I would doze off stopped at a red light or pull over on a random residential street to take a "brief nap". This wasn't good.

I had to figure this out!

Fast forward to today... through my personal hardships AND lack of finding an adequate solution to provide relief from the experience listed above... and additional sleep problems/disorders, I was blessed to create, make prototypes, test AND manufacture the LacunaSOLO Pillow; which is patent-pending. Now, we look forward to providing our innovations to people who are also suffering from and experiencing the same symptoms; so you too can:

  • "Sleep Better by Breathing Better DURING Sleep... one LacunaSOLO Pillow at a time!"

  • Wake up refreshed and have daytime energy to "seize the day!".

(to be continued...)

Closing Message

The goal of my blogs are to use my personal encounters to capture what I was thinking and experiencing... at the moment of each occurrence. My journey to create a "God Inspired" solution, along with the process to research/develop, make prototypes, BETA test,

patent-pend and manufacture the LacunaSOLO Pillow was/is challenging...


There is no other side-sleeper pillow on the market, like the LacunaSOLO Pillow, which will:

  • place the user's chin in the "optimal breathing position" which is 90-degrees relative to the user's chest (regardless if the user changes their side sleeping position to the left or the right side).

  • strategically designed to prevent open mouth breathing during sleep (untreated open mouth breathing can lead to malocclusion)

**watch VIDEO below**

  • strategically designed to promote "nasal-only" breathing during sleep

  • help you to "Sleep Better by Breathing Better DURING Sleep!"


Can you or a loved one relate to my experiences?

We would love to hear from you!

Join our LacunaSOLO community to share

your thoughts and experiences.


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