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Lacuna Side Sleeper, Anti Snoring Sleep Apnea Pillow technology was born from a concept originating out of a personal health concern caused by my own Obstructed Sleep Apnea (OSA).  Like millions of Canadians and Americans, I experienced moderate OSA and become concerned with sleep issues related to my snoring and gasping for air while I tried to get a night of quality sleep.


I bought and evaluated various Sleep Apnea aides from the internet and sleep stores; including ergonomic pillows, mouth guards, nasal strips, chin straps and much more in hopes of a simple solution.  Nothing worked for me.  I visited doctors offices and a sleep clinic trying to find a medical solution.  Even though it was "suggested", not recommended that I should be prescribed a CPAP, due to having mild-to-moderate OSA, I resisted purchasing one because I do not want to feel like an "alien" while sleeping next to my wife in bed.  I also wanted to be able to sleep anywhere at any time; even "off the grid".  Whether I'm backpacking in a forest, on a beach or out in the country, I wanted to be able to sleep without requiring an electrical outlet or power source to run my CPAP.

My test results confirmed that the number of times I stopped breathing didn't meet the threshold required to be recommended using a CPAP.  This was nice to hear; however I still "stopped breathing" at different points during my sleep.  To me, one occurrence where I stopped breathing, is one time too many.  There had to be a solution.


Like many sleep apnea sufferers, I spend a lot of time awake throughout the night.  It was around 2 am one night, while awake and lying in bed, that I was blessed with a solution to my problem and the idea for "Lacuna" technology was bornI have spent almost 4 years prototyping, testing and refining my solution; which is now patented.  

Lacuna technology is simple and it works

I'm an inventor and a sleep apnea sufferer.  I am neither a doctor or pretend to be.  I always suggest to all sleep apnea sufferers: consult a doctor to understand how severe your OSA is.  Some sleep apnea symptoms can be a matter of life & death; and must be treated with a CPAP prescription or medical surgery.

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We help our customers, who are experiencing various sleep problems and disorders, to “Sleep Better by Breathing Better DURING Sleep... one LacunaSOLO Pillow at a time.”


Create a new category of pillow and become the product leader in the world; helping people to experience the same level of sleep comfort.

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